Refrigerated electric air conditioning in Sydney

Combined Heating and Cooling specialise in creating tailored refrigerated ducted cooler systems for Sydney homes with a wide range of electric cooling and refrigerated cooling solutions.

The accepted design criterion for the Sydney area is that on a day where the outdoor temperature is 32° C the system should be able to achieve a 24° C temperature indoors. At Combined Heating and Cooling we design our refrigerated air conditioning systems to achieve a 24° C on a 35° C day in Sydney.

Modern refrigerated electric cooling systems are quiet to comply with EPA regulations that the outdoor condenser unit must not exceed a noise level of 5 dB at the boundary line. Expert advice about placement of the outdoor unit will help avoid future disputes with the neighbours.

Achieving a balance of air temperatures between an upstairs and downstairs area can in some instances be challenging. As opposed to a split system air conditioner in Sydney homes, this temperature imbalance can be overcome in most situations with zoning, but in certain circumstances two smaller refrigerated electric air conditioning systems may be the best solution for some Sydney homes. This is why it is so important to seek the advice of experienced professionals, when considering this important investment for your home.

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Evaporative electric air conditioning in Sydney

A CEvaporative air conditioning system provides a revolutionary alternative to refrigerated electric cooling systems in Sydney homes. They operate on a very simple and natural principle – the evaporation of water in air and the differences are dramatic. Instead of recycling refrigerated air around a sealed house with a traditional air conditioning system, evaporative systems work best when windows and doors are left open. Enjoy fresh filtered cooled air flowing freely through your home without closing it up in summer.

The accepted design criterion for the Sydney area is up to 60 air changes throughout the home per hour. Evaporative cooling is a 100% fresh air system and relies on full airflow from the house. The system works by picking up heat from the air outside the unit and passing it through a panel of moistened pads. A pump circulates water from the reservoir onto the cooling pads, which remain completely saturated during operation. As the heated air passes through the pads, the air is cooled by evaporation. On a 40 degree day with low humidity, a temperature drop of 13 to 14 degrees is possible inside the home, in a far more efficient way than with a traditional air conditioning system in Sydney.

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