Evaporative air conditioning in Sydney

An evaporative electrical cooling system is completely different to a refrigerated system, offering Sydney homeowners a cooling system that operates on a very simple and natural principle. Essentially, an evaporative air conditioner draws external air into a unit that is located outside your Sydney home and passes it over pads that are saturated with water. This air is cooled by a process of evaporation and is pumped throughout your home.

The difference in temperatures can be quite dramatic with a drop of 13 C to 14 C inside your home when it is a 40 C day outside. Compared to the more traditional air conditioning systems that recycle cooled air and require all the doors and windows to be closed to work efficiently, an evaporative cooling system works best when you leave the doors and windows open!

For Sydneysiders who love fresh air and hate having to keep their homes closed all day, just to maintain a liveable temperature inside during the hot summer months, an evaporative air conditioning system is a dream come true.

Why select evaporative cooling for your Sydney home?

Evaporative air conditioning allows the cooled fresh air from outside to flow through your home with just enough humidity remaining to make you feel comfortable. Compare this to traditional air conditioning units that dehydrate the air far too much, constantly recycling this dry air throughout the home and causing discomfort to many people.

With an evaporative cooling system you also don’t have to worry if the kids leave their windows and door open, because this is one of the operating requirements. Since these units use less energy to operate than traditional air conditioning units, you should also see a significant drop in your power bills.

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