When buying a system to suit your needs it is important to understand the limitations of reverse cycle air conditioning and the advantages of ducted gas heating in Sydney for warming your home. Combined Heating and Cooling offer a complete range of modern ducted gas heaters chosen specifically to respond to the demands of the Sydney climate.

Compared to a ducted gas heater in Sydney, the principle of heating in an electric reverse cycle air conditioning system is to pump heat from outdoors, via the refrigerant, to the rooms you want to warm. When the outdoor ambient temperature drops below 10°C the available heat outdoors is dramatically reduced. This in turn limits the amount of heat that can be delivered to the indoor spaces. So when the temperature drops the most, and the heat is needed the most, the reverse cycle system delivers the least.

However, a refrigerated air conditioning system for cooling can be combined with a ducted gas heating unit in Sydney homes, providing a 'best of both worlds' solution for both heating and cooling.

Ducted gas heaters will deliver full heating capacity regardless of the outdoor conditions in Sydney, and the electric cooling system will give full performance during the summer months. The added bonus for a ducted gas/electric combined system in Sydney is that the outdoor condensing unit only runs in summer.

The Benefits of Ducted Gas Heaters in Sydney

The process of heating or cooling air will also, in a small way, change its state. Warming the air in the home with reverse cycle systems will result in a drying effect, and cooling it will also result in removing moisture through condensation on the cooling coil. Ducted gas heaters do not dry out the air to the same extent. Air that is too dry can cause irritation to the skin, eyes and throat.

Gas heating and electrical cooling is recognised in the northern hemisphere as being the finest possible system. Australia’s southern states are also recognising the advantages of this dual system. Combined Heating and Cooling are the leading electric cooling and gas heating specialists in Sydney; we specialise in the supply and installation of ducted gas heating in Sydney and NSW.

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