Refrigerated air conditioning in Sydney

Refrigerated electrical cooling in Sydney involves the installation of internal and external units that are connected via a system of ducts throughout the home. This ductwork delivers the refrigerated air quickly and efficiently around your home, significantly reducing the internal temperature.

There are a number of benefits to installing a ducted refrigerated air conditioner in your Sydney home and our specialist technicians can help you make the best decision for your situation. Essentially, refrigerated cooling systems remove the hot air from inside your home, sending it outside and replacing it with air that has been cooled.

Our ducted refrigerated air conditioning systems have been optimised to achieve a very comfortable 24 C inside your Sydney home, when it is actually 35 C outside. This is a 11 C reduction in temperature, which exceeds the 8 C drop achieved by the majority of other refrigerated cooling units.

Why install a ducted refrigerated cooling unit in Sydney?

Ducted refrigerated cooling systems allow you to set specific temperatures around your home, keeping everyone comfortable. Occasionally this type of zoning will require two smaller refrigerated units, but our specialist technicians will help you to decide the best configuration for your situation.

Refrigerated air conditioning dramatically reduces the humidity inside your home, making a big difference to your family’s comfort during the intense Sydney summers. It’s also easy to set or change the internal zone temperatures, as the small wall mounted control unit is located in a convenient position inside your home.

Ducted refrigerated cooling is also very low profile with no large imposing wall units attached to your internal walls. In fact, since the external units operate so quietly, if it wasn’t for the comfortable internal temperatures inside your home, you wouldn’t even know it was turned on!

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